An example deaf signed video done for The Financial Ombudsman

Deaf Signed Videos

In-vision BSL Interpreters in our videos or edited into yours

I work in conjunction with a deafness support charity to make deaf signed videos.

Our interpreters are fully qualified BSL (British Sign Language) Interpreters.

We make complete videos with ‘in-vision’ signers or I can edit a signer into your existing videos.

Quality & Accuracy

BSL Qualified Interpreters & Quality Checked by BSL as First Language Users

First of all we translate your voice-over script and/or video into BSL (British Sign language).

We then film our interpreter against a green screen – this enables us to edit the signer into ours/your videos. The signer will be directed to sign and make gestures to link with the video footage and any captions or graphics we work into the final video.

A BSL First Language User watches our interpreters to confirm quality and accuracy as they are being filmed.

We then edit the signer into the final video together with any subsequent produced graphics.

The final video is watched by a BSL First language User before being ‘signed off’.

Keystone Video Company - Deaf Signed Videos
Deaf Signed Video
Minimum Cost
  • Minimum Cost

  • £ 220

    / inc VAT
  • The minimum cost allows for:

    • a 5 minute video
    • BSL signer edited ‘in-vision’
    • some basic graphics if needed
    • reflecting your corporate identity
  • Additional

  • £ POA

    / Contact me for prices
  • Additional costs:

    • £30 per minute – over 5 minutes
    • Graphics
    • Text screens and titles
    • Captions
    • Specialist terminology e.g. medical