Website Videos

There are many reasons for having videos on your website

Keeping your customers engaged on your website

Improving your search engine ranking

Having something more powerful than just words

Being able to share your video across all your social media

Website Videos Production Company

This video was a series of instruction/demonstration videos for this disability equipment manufacturer – all the videos are displayed on their website and used heavily in their social media.

Why? - in a bit more detail

Visitors to websites proactively look for video content

Google loves videos - Google owns YouTube - so these two work together to increase your search engine ranking

Videos convey a huge amount of information and can demonstrate products and services much better than written copy

There are loads of statistics that support using videos on your website – from things like seeing your brand in a more positive light; increasing your chances of getting on page 1 of Google; increasing the confidence to buy from people who have seen a video of a service or product.

Please take it from me – videos are a great thing to have on your website.

Keystone Video Company - Short Website Videos

Short Website Video: from £149

for a 90 second to 2 minute video, including: logos, captions and title screens