Videos – filming and editing. Stunning videos to suit your budget. Videos to keep people engaged on your website and keep coming back for more; instruction and demonstration videos to show your products and services; videos of your team to communicate with your customers; videos as keep-sakes and memories.


Creative photography that won’t break your budget. Photographs of your team, your events, your products – big or small, for PR and press releases, your venue.


Affordable digital marketing support to help you meet your digital marketing potential – from setting up your social media accounts and advertising campaigns to rejuvenating your website and bulk email marketing.


Thanks for visiting my website. I take a traditional and creative approach to my work – but I deliver it fit for a contemporary world. Whether it’s a video you’re looking for, or some photographs, or some support to your website, social media or digital marketing – I keep it simple and realistic but creative and contemporary and make sure it’s achievable and results lead.


Today, a decent video does not have to be produced with a massive filming crew. A good, single camera person, with the ability to film great shots, record quality sound with portable lighting if needed, can make a great video for you. And that’s how I do it. Subsequently, my costs are affordable.


Everything I do is digital. It’s high definition. I can then make sure you’re making the most of the digital world we live in. Whether it’s your social media, your website, your email marketing, your search engine ranking or social media advertising – I can help you reach your digital marketing potential.


+ - Who do I work with?

Quite simply – I work with everyone – sole traders, new start up businesses, shops and retail outlets, online businesses, small to medium sized companies, departments of larger organisations.

+ - How do I take work on?

I can work for an hour, half a day, a whole day, so many hours per month, for the length of any project or an a short to medium term contract with regular or irregular days per month.

+ - Where do I work?

I live in South Cheshire, close to North Shropshire and East Wrexham borders. My video and photography work takes me anywhere. My consultancy work – I work throughout Cheshire, North Shropshire, Staffordshire, over into Wrexham and beyond, on the Wirral and into North and Central Wales.

Keystone Video Company Photographer Digital Marketing


+ - videos

I make videos for your social media and websites.

Plus I make all types of videos for you, including:

  • training
  • instruction
  • demonstration
  • promotional
  • information
  • marketing
  • corporate
  • events and awards
  • staff information
  • stakeholder communication
  • social media
  • green screen
  • signed videos for people who are deaf
+ - photographs

I can take creative photographs for you for your:

  • social media
  • PR & press releases
  • website & blogs
  • brochures & leaflets
  • staff profiles & teams
  • products – large or small
  • venue
  • events
+ - digital marketing

I can help you at any level with anything to do with your social media, websites and digital marketing, including:

  • setting up your social media
  • making the most of your social media
  • help you easily manage all your social media
  • set up, redesign or develop your website
  • optimise your website to increase your search engine ranking (SEO)
  • try pay-per-click adverts for you
  • try social media adverts
  • databases and bulk emails

My Work

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