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Tips on how to make a wedding video

Tips on how to make a wedding video (for none professionals)

When your budget won’t stretch to paying for a videographer or wedding video company, it is still possible to capture your special day on video. You may even prefer a more ‘raw’ artsy record of your wedding. You may want the making of your wedding video to be part of what your guests get involved in doing on the day – use one camera and pass it around or ask people to video with their own cameras as and when they want to and ask them to send their video to you. Clearly designate a person (or people) Whatever the reason you’re doing your video this way clearly designate the one person you’ve chosen to record your wedding. Make sure they know you’re relying on them to film it but make it very clear that you’re not expecting a cinematic result. Make them feel special - it will mean more to you that the person has done it for you rather than the end result. Here are my tips for the amateur wedding videographer: Use Whatever Camera You Can Get Whatever camera you’ve got – use it. But whatever it is, make sure the battery has enough charge to get what you want. And, if it’s done on a mobile phone, please turn it on its side, so it’s a widescreen. Use a Tripod And whatever camera you do use, please use a tripod whenever you can. Don’t move about any more than you have to. Try and plan where you have to be and stay there. Move Slowly If you do have to move, move slowly, move smoothly – try and make it feel that your movement is part of the shot. Speak to Your Photographer Most people always have a professional/semi-professional photographer. Speak to that person. Let them know that you’re having your wedding video filmed this way. Ask for their help and support. And let the photographer know that some of the filming will take place when they’re setting up their own shots. Stay Close Enough to Hear Hearing the wedding is just as important as the visual shots – it’s part of the atmosphere. So keep as close to the ‘action’ as possible – especially the ceremony and the speeches. Don’t step so far back that you’re zooming in all the time – especially if this may mean the image and/or so the happy couple are too small in the screen. But also make sure the videographer’s not crowding...